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Leading companies and organizations towards a cohesive community that encourages people to live a full, healthy and balanced life by emphasizing the values of fullfilment, giving and unity.

Our Mission

Strengthen relationships within and outside the workplace as an integral part of the growth of companies and organizations through social, exciting and memorable sporting events.

What Our Past Partners Said


As the captain, from the very beginning I was exposed to the level of organization and meticulousness of these guys. They just think of everything! It is rare that something is missed.It's just well run. They bring high-tech to football.And beyond organization and management, these guys are first and foremost human beings. They love to give and do good to people...

Daniel Pinhas

TECH A WISH" was undoubtedly an exciting experience for the company's employees. As the tournament progressed so did the discourse at work increased, more and more employees were interested in the results and the excitement among the players could be seen.Thanks to the tournament, a friendly relationship was also established between the competing companies. ....

Roee Sisso
Check Point

We were happy to participate in Tech a Wish and of course contribute to the amazing cause for which it was held. The tournament caused excitement and anticipation on the part of all of us, added to the formation of the staff and we felt great pride to take part in it.

Gili Hershkovitz‏
Palo Alto Networks

We had the privilege of participating in a tournament that was all a contribution to make a wish Association that fulfills wishes and participation also fulfilled a dream for us.Tech A Wish gave our football team the opportunity to shape, strive for excellence and unite everyone around one goal. The other employees of the company also took an interest, cheered and were partners in the success of the group and for that we thank you.

Anat Nimtzovich

It was fun and an honor to take part in Take Ah Weish, which brought together a large number of Israeli high-tech companies in one lot. The tournament was conducted with impressive professionalism, respect and competitivenessthe organization was at a high level down to the smallest details, the tournament pushed us to be fit and get better and created a fun atmosphere of formation within and outside the company.

Nessi lahav

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our awareness of community commitment is not just a saying; Watch and find out.

our story

After the tremendous success of the first Tech A Win tournament in 2019, the company was established following the high demand in the Hi-Tech community.

Its founders are from the fields of sports, management, marketing, real estate, psychology, and NLP, aiming to continue to inspire employees of participating companies to a healthy lifestyle so that all employees can realize their full potential in the workplace and in life.

Dor Lidgi

Co-Founder & CEO

Dor Gilad

Co-Founder & CMO

Tech Together was established in 2020 by Dor Gilad & Dor Lidgi

Through professional and exclusive sports experiences, we assist you in this welcome and important work while formulating and retaining the company's employees and increasing their work output.

This is our way of doing good in the world!